There’s no doubt – When it comes to the premium type transfer it is Mercedes that pops up in your mind first. And it is so “germanly” logical. Whereas when it comes to distinguish one class from another it is the German’s love for extra letters that stands in our way. Their meaning is not that obvious and really confusing.

Let’s make it clear once and for all!

First and foremost. Practically the only thing you need to know to tell one another: С, Е, S.

C – Comfort

E – Executive

S – Superior

See? So simple! Not so much confusing anymore, eh?

Now, let’ s go into some more details, shall we?

C Class — «the beginner premium». Not the “cheap” premium, oh no. This is the most functional, yet basic model. You’ve got all your safety and comfort features, but none of those extras that make it more posh and, as a result, more expensive. You want to get from A to B with ease and comfort, but not to pay more for “blinks”? We are on the same page! It is a “C” class you are after!

E Class— The perfect choice for your business. No asceticism, yet no unnecessary luxury. The level of comfort is higher of course: the interior is more spacious, the seats have more “premium” feel, the ride is smoother. A good impression on your business partners – guaranteed.

S Class — Well, to put it into perspective – it is a luxury ocean yacht (or a private jet if we talk about S -Maybach).  Unsurpassed luxury, boosted legroom for the passenger, multimedia system and pneumatic suspension specially designed to make your ride as smooth as silk. The S-Class Mercedes is for those who set the bar high!

Whatever your choice is — Tas Limo is here to offer you any type of car you desire, so that your have the best possible experience. Be it a vacation or business trip.