BEST TRIP TO COMBINE Gruyere with a tour of a chocolate factory CAILLER IN BROCK (TAM are very interesting for both children and adults an interactive tour, during which you dive into the history of the emergence and dissemination of chocolate in the world + TASTING favorite treat)

What do you think of driving to the Alps?
In Gruyères (a medieval village and a native land of eponymous cheese) you will learn the answers to the following questions::
• How does the most famous Swiss cheese mature?

• What legends and secrets does this “country of blue sky and apple pie” cherish?

• What prophecy did Chalamala, who was the court jester of the Count de Gruyères, make?

• How did the lovely village become a home of Hollywood visual effects?

• What is double cream of Gruyères?

• Whose hand is kept in the Castle of Gruyères?

• Which dishes should be tasted at the strange Skeleton Bar?

• How is the invention of milk chocolate linked to Gruyères?


You will also get to know

a legend about the stone of Catillon the Witch; and

• the curse of the Castle of Gruyères


…and even find out:

• What was the punishment for thieves in the old days here?


…and much more!