What lies ahead?

A visit to Lausanne! Here you will find out:

• What kind of buns did Marina Tsvetaeva like in her childhood?

• What words are uttered every night from the main cathedral of the city?

• What did the Rumine family do for Lausanne that they were named its honorary citizens?

• Who was murdered in the Church of St. Francis?

• Why is the hem of the dress of Themis, the goddess of justice, slightly raised?

• Why did the happy life of the Orlov couple ended soon?

• What role did cedar play in the life of Сommissaire Jules Maigret’s father?

• Where was the Masonic Lodge located?


Moreover, you will learn:

• Why is the city called the Olympic capital of the world?

• How did Lausanne become the official residence of Coco Chanel?


Also you will discover:

• How did jealousy to Lord Byron lead to the creation of a literature masterpiece?


… and much more!